Light Grading - Ultra Compact Case

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NOTE: This Grading Tier is not available for Sports Cards! Please use the Regular Grading Tiers for all Sports Cards.

Our latest innovation in the world of card grading: the Ultra Compact Case - The worlds smallest Card Grading Slab. Made from sturdy high quality acrylic with UV protection!

our regular Case with it's smaller size has always set us apart from other grading services and now, we are taking it to the next level! (While still keeping our more detailed regular grading tier as it is!)

The clear Ultra Compact Case is designed with purpose: make card grading more affordable, simple and faster for everyone! Note: the case is sealed with the latest ultra sonic welding technology!

A super slim label displays the basic card details and the all-important grading score. With its sleek design, the label seamlessly integrates with the card, allowing you to appreciate the card's beauty while still having crucial information at your fingertips.

We take the security and traceability of your graded cards seriously. Each and every card that passes through our "light grading tier" process will be assigned a unique serial number and a comprehensive database entry. This guarantees the authenticity and origin of your graded cards. Just like we do for our regular grading tier.

With our Ultra Compact Case, we are redefining the landscape of card grading. Affordable, fast, and secure - these are the principles we stand by. We are committed to providing the highest quality grading services, elevating your collecting experience to new heights.

NEW: ART LABEL - The label that matches your Card perfectly, if possible we will extend your Cards art or alternatively match the color of your submitted Card!