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Our brand new Pre-Grading Service is here!

This submission tier is designed to help you sorting your collection!

You do not want to be surprised anymore by a low Grade and rather have the security to decide based on the Pre-Grade which cards you want to send in for a full grading? Then this tier is perfect for you!

With the super fast turnaround times of 5-7 business days, you are getting a quick idea of the Grades you would receive with one of our Full-Grading tiers! The Pre-Grading Tier guarantees authenticity of your cards & only offers Grades from 1-10 without Half-Grades (0.5).

Your Pre-Grade guarantees the minimum Full-Grade or 0.5 better.

Our Mini-Slabs are designed to easily open again and yet do not allow any tempering due to our all-around security seal! The Mini-Slab also provides great protection of your Cards.

If you decide to submit your Pre-Graded Cards for a full Grading here at CGS, you will get a 5 Euro discount on every Pre-Graded card!!

NOTE: The Pre-Grade sticker is placed on a sleeve and NOT on the Card!